Messinian wines

People in the region have been familiar with grape cultivation and winemaking since ancient times.
Nowadays, this century-long tradition, the ideal climate, technology advances and commitment of vine growers have led to the production of excellent wines in Messinia.

Traditional Alcoholic Beverages

Ouzo – Tsipouro – Rakomelo

Alcoholic beverages have been produced by distillation in Messinia since occupation by the Venetians and the Franks.

In fact, the first production of alcoholic beverages by distillation is mentioned in the text “Chronicle of the Morea”, written in the 14th century.

Ouzo production in Kalamata started in 1897 and was abandoned in 1940, when all alcohol was collected by the State for military needs and was no longer available to distillers.

However, several alcoholic beverages companies in Kalamata had already become internationally renowned and been awarded at international exhibitions, thanks to the quality of their products.

Since the ‘40s, alcoholic beverage industry in the region keeps blooming.

Currently, all alcoholic beverage industries in Kalamata are family businesses passing on from generation to generation, rooted in the long lasting tradition of drinks and ouzo production in the area.