Meet the «Cuisines of the world»

Could this be the perfect time to travel in a magnificent world of flavours and scents and broaden our culinary experiences by trying new tastes, away from food monotony?

“Milopetra” sets out on a journey of tastes to the « Cuisines of the world », starting from faraway India. In its familiar space, you will be able to enjoy nan, pilau & biryani rice and meat and other dishes, baked in the traditional tandoori clay oven scented with cumin, coriander and fresh ginger, from mild to super spicy!

Unlike common beliefs, Indian cuisine is not “spicy”, but “spiced”, as says “Milopetra”’s chef Aftab, in charge of the menu. The secret is in the blend of spices! And, of course, Indian cuisine is not just about curry! It address a wide range of people and uses all kinds of available ingredients, this is why it is so colourful and vivid. Dishes are served with sauces and dressings – more or less spicy –  composed of ingredients well-known to us (tomato, cream, lemon, almonds), as well as more exotic ones like mango or mint, in quantities that do not cover the taste of the main food (chicken, lamb, beef or fish). Just like a sheer saree envelops a woman’s body but does not hide her charm. Dishes are accompanied with flatbreads, simple like the “plain nan” baked in the traditional tandoori oven, or more elaborated ones like the “nan peshawari”, an anise-scented flatbread filled with coconut and raisins.

So let’s dare to travel through exotic recipes and new tastes in distant seas of pleasure!

The journey starts.

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